Digital Humanities in the Slavic Field was recently formed to support the teaching, scholarship, curation, and preservation of digitally-rendered work in Slavic (as well as East European and Eurasian) Studies. We focus on those disciplines in the humanities that have recently begun to include digitally-based practices, but also aim to connect humanists with their social scientist colleagues who have a longer history with these methodologies and approaches.

We hope this group can contribute in the following major areas:

  • enabling collaboration between students, scholars, librarians, archivists, and IT specialists in order to carry out DH projects (building bridges between institutions where necessary);
  • collecting and curating DH projects produced by Slavists to improve access and outreach for existing projects, and to identify common methodologies and areas of interest for future projects;
  • mentoring and advising students/junior colleagues in Slavic who have an interest in DH practices, sharing resources for teaching and professionalization, and promoting student collaboration in ongoing DH projects;
  • raising the visibility of DH in Slavic Studies to encourage awareness and acceptance of these practices in our field, particularly among senior scholars and administrators responsible for mentoring students and junior faculty, as well for hiring, promotion and tenure;
  • connecting DH scholars in North American Slavic Studies with relevant colleagues and projects around the world, especially with those engaged in similar DH practices in Eastern Europe and Eurasia;
  • providing support for colleagues in Slavic Studies at institutions without strong resources in DH, and sharing new information, tools, and DH methodologies, whenever possible in an open-source and/or open-access environment;
  • representing Slavic Studies in the larger field of Digital Humanities, raising awareness and visibility among non-Slavists about DH projects and resources in our field.



Slavic DH Officers (2017)

Jessica Brandt, Drew University
Seth Bernstein, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Natalia Ermolaev, Princeton University
Philip Gleissner, Princeton University
Bradley Gorski, Columbia University
Christine Jacobson, Harvard University
Andrew Janco, Haverford College
Jessie Labov, Central European University
Konstantin Starikov, Boston University


Advisory Board

David Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh
Eliot Borenstein, New York University
Marijeta Božović, Yale University
Quinn Dombrowski, University of California, Berkeley
Ann Komaromi, University of Toronto
Ilya Kukulin, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Margarita Nafpaktitis, University of California, Los Angeles
Joan Neuberger, University of Texas at Austin
Kelly O’Neill, Harvard University
Ellen Rutten, University of Amsterdam
Toma Tasovac, Belgrade Centre for Digital Humanities
Dirk Uffelmann, University of Passau